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Magick is the innate ability inheirent in all Mankind to not only visualize his desires but manifest them as he sees fit upon this plane
of existence.
It is the discovery of the true Will and that which it requires to complete the Self  that brings about one's desires.
With the understanding of the power of visualisation and the ability to manifest
that which is necessary for individual experience,
may it be said that all may be attained through the use of Magick.
That is not to say all rites shall come to pass if they are not in harmony with what the true Will desires.
As well it is crucial to study the factor of probability when preforming
Magickal workings.
Magick is not to be taken lightly as it is very entailed and worthy of intense study as we have all but lost our understanding of it's presence within our deepest
instinctual tendencies.
If in fact the Magickian is prone to failure it is either a case of his Will not having been strong enough,
or the realm of possibility is far too fetched to come into being.
Magick works in harmony with the Universe.
Magick will empower one to reach
the unattainable,
but only with true alignment with Self
and deep respect for the workings of
the natural Laws of the Universe.  
Thus it is crucial to clearly visualize all your desires in the real world,
yet better expressed as
the world of possibility,
and Learn through self experience to listen
to the inner being .
Through Will and commitment you shall
come to understand
 how to apply the demands you may have in synchronicity of the
Laws of the Universe
in the effort to attain one's goal in
all matters necessary.
It is through complete self-understanding that Magick is fueled.
Where religion abides to take this power
from you,
Magick will only encourage you to become ever stronger,
ever more the King of the Lesser Beasts.
The Credo of the Magickian is as such:
To Know
To Will
To Dare
To keep Silent
All matters of progression are of personal nature and have no place in the advancement of anyone other than yourself.
It is with this in mind that the great
Magick Dictum figures accordingly.
"Man Know Thyself!"
Hence, to know thyself is to know god
therefor all miracles become possible by the Magick or Will of Man.