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Ramblings 2007




I could carry on here and start from my humble beginnings to bore you with the usual details of a humble beginning,
however this is not going to be a history lesson nor should it be for anyone other than me.
So this page of this n' that shall entail the present
and perhaps glimpses into the future of my experience.
What has become the cornerstone of my life is the understanding of the original design defining my personal truth.
Naturally my truth probably should differ from your own despite any overiding similarities within.
But that is entirely up to you.
It is suffice to say that my truth entails humans as god
and hence satan,
but the point of this belief is not to be revealed until the proper and indvidual time of one's own evolution.
Personal Truth is the only factor by which all humans remain true to
and is explained
quite simply,
 that being your own individual meaning of truth
is the only one that is signifigant in your path of enlightenment.
Therefor no one is wrong.
No one is right,
except completely and totally unto themselves.
Morals are human-made by each and every human as is evident by the code of ethics between those who adhere to organized or alternate or no religion period.
Religion itself is infact man-made,
even if it is based on the supposed word of a god
which I do not buy into,
you must ask yourself who spread the word of such a god
thereby creating it's existence, it's power,
 Those who choose to follow any religion do so
of their own free will.
Therefor they have adhered to what becomes their own personal truth.
The slave is not a slave
if this slavery is of personal choice.
In the end the final result will always be one
in which the person in question will do as they see fit
actually making up their own mind based on what has become
their own personal truth.
What set of values one lives by is designed solely by us for us.
Therefor there exists no say higher than that of the individual
for that individual,
xian or Satanist.
Now when it comes to those of the LHP
the challenge I have seen in others and myself
most often is with the connection
between the higher god-self and
that of the human lower-self
being able to come together and operate as one.
If you know of me or my ramblings,
it is often stated that I endorse balance within the human psyche
and spirit as the only true way to become the 'all' effectively.
For me this is stunningly obvious as the laws of balance are always in effect and although humans
may have the ability to manipulate situations through use of magick
it is best to be forwarned that not keeping balance in all you create can come back to bite you in the ass.
Then again if this does occur it would only be a method of
further advancement for you anyways but it is possible to avoid such pitfalls with understanding.
Balance spoken of in this manner is exactly what it implies.
You cannot expect to attain the 'all'
if you do not consist of and employ all polarities.
We speak of dark needing light,
and use various other examples to promote balance but
then tend to ignore such when proceeding with our daily existence.
As my own god it remains my responsibility to adhere to laws of nature
as they do exist as foundations to be respected.
What I am saying is that if we as gods
 have created all in existence,
 that would include our own morality system,
our own laws of cause and effect,
and the energies to which they belong,
however we must then stick to the plan and do the work
for we actually have chosen it to be as such.
As we begin to realise our godliness we open the door to this deeper knowledge.
  Though we may have been the creator of such
it is still our duty to respect what we have created if we wish to successfully advance in experience bringing us closer to the completion of the god factor.
Thus this matter may be compared to the creation of a child.
You may have been able to bring this new life into the world
but you must not only be an example to this force,
you must also respect it's existence because it is afterall
god unto itself.
Even if one does not respect something per sei,
respecting it's existence is crucial non the less. 
As you ask for respect from this child,
you must be able to also give respect
 for your creation does infact have it's own godliness within.
 Present from our very conception although that does not mean one has instant access to such or we would not become ill,
never be poor, hurt, broken, or die for that matter.
Or would we?
If that is part of the personal truth of one's path towards advancement to the all within,
then yes we surely would experience all of the above and whatever else
we have designed within our own personal truth.
This god though very much accesible is not fully known to us in the conscious life but in that of the higher-self, the-ego self,
the all knowing entity within.
 that dwells eternally within each and every individual.
Some choose to call this god an outside force.
ObviouslyI do not adhere to this notion but as mentioned before what one believes to be their truth is infact that and so these beings shall insist in their dieties having the final word 
 that shall not be of any consequence to me personally
nor should it to you.
Satanism is a very personal journey.
It is one in which it becomes apparent at least to this practitioner that life is a series of invalubale experiences brought about by
our own inner god,
or higher-self,
in order to advance towards the completion of the god factor,
where it is then controlled at will
and needs no further human experience
for the purpose of advancement.
Then and only then shall we completely understand that which
we are made of.
This is not for all to discover at a given time nor should it be.
And  that being the case,
hold no contempt where not neccessary
but continue on your own path,
for in the end those who stand highest upon the mountain
with their heads pointed towards the heavens shall know that they have arrived and there is now no turning back.
They own the heavens.
Please have patience with your earthly existence and conscious-self.
Do not judge everything at face value
for the truth shall become apparent to you in time,
should you be one of the children who walk within the darkness,
 always knowing the light guides the path.
Keep in mind that although this is a personal journey
one needs to interact with other energies
 for the fact that the universe, the force, the godliness of those in the here and now and the great beyond are very relevant
in our own progression.
It is through them that we can be awakened or guided
when in doubt,
or that we can advance and succeed above them.
It is through our interaction with others that we experience
human circumstance,
which is the only way to unlock the door to what we must experience to become god at will.
Whether this be the written word of others alive or dead,
through the experiences of the family unit or through the music or painting of an artist,
it takes the personal truths of others for us to realise our own. 
We cannot learn without those whom play opposite us on this great stage called 'Life'.
Even if it is to endulge oneself with the experiences that others have endured in the benefit of higher understanding
there is always an idea unthought of until the moment is upon you and the messenger is ready to be heard.
Know you are god yet do not forget that although this level
 is always attainable,
it is possible to be temporarily lost, rejected, feared,
or simply need dusting off to become operational at it's full potential.
Seek to connect with your inner god as often as possible by connecting with your higher-self as it shall always speak only of truth,
your personal truth,
as you have created it on a level not yet completely accessible to you.
All that matters in the end
is not the fame nor the glory,
but as always the work you have done,
the progress you have made towards complete enlightenment of your personal truth.
The individual progression towards complete and total control of that which is every human's most natural instinct is the corner stone of existence in the here and now,
and for this Satanist the hereafter.
So be it my truth.
May you find yours.


Aye let us get on with it shall we?
That would be my curious evolution into the vast unknown which I have since found out is always truly known to us despite our stubborness in believing we are NOT the creators of our definitive woes.
To make a seriously too long story somewhat shorter yet still serious
is the final goal here.
Like many others I was always questioning the whys and hows of my moments of deepest depair.
Why was I always so bloody victimized?
Was I not as good as the others?
The answer back then was a very defeated and defensive one.
Of course I now realise that my ardous path is exactly what has made me who I am
and that is in fact a force to be reckoned with as it should be.
Yet it did take time to alter my negative thinking,
years as it turns out.
Only through investigation of an ubiased nature could I find my truth.
And may I add that this process has not ceased but has grown in force and endurance as I grow older in years.
The body wanes yet the mind never sleeps once it has been awoken to one's own inner truth and direction.
It took many lessons,
numerous trials and tribulations, skinned knees,
and far too man episodes spent questioning
 the validity of my sanity to eventually arrive at my own truth.
Then I had to realise this truth was mine and I had the right to it,
as did the others even if they differed from my interpretation.
Their view was irrelevant anyways because this was again deliberate and personal.
It was all for a reason.
Sounds simple and ya know what it is!
Although sometimes the simplest matters appear to be the most complex and we do enjoy the drama of it all don't we?
Every experience had it's pros and cons.
Would I now be able to actually accept that?
Work with that?
Could I use what was valuable and throw away what was not?
Was it honestly possible to understand the real meaning of
"That which does not kill makes stronger"?
Yes for me the time had now come to realise that everything was deliberate and mapped out by my higher-self,
my god,
the only god possible,
not anyone's idol of worship designed by the notions of other
human beings could dictate anything to me now.
None of them could excuse my responbility in the roles I had played because there was no reason to excuse anything,
hence no reason for them to exist.
They held no power.
I held no fear.
The only way any of these as labelled traumatic events would ever have occurred would be if it was infact deliberate
and why then would that be neccessary?
The answer took it's time in coming and it still comes in waves as I refuse to cease my contiual personal evolution nor could I even if I choose to.
That is death.
That choice would never be one made a god in the making.
In the making you say?
But.... but you are a Satanist?!
You are god right now as we speak.
Indeed yet this process is not yet complete or there would be no reason for my earthy existence as I believe this path of enlightenment is one that spans a lifetime growing ever more luminous through experience and processing of such.
As long as we breathe,
as long as we live,
we will continue to connect with the god within until it has done as it has chosen to do and needs not do more.
How and when this comes about is too personal a matter to be addressed with any accuracy.
And should always be respected as such by others.
Should this be the case the hatred used by man against man would seem futile and incondusive yet solved by merely erradicating
all dictated thought.
The god within is and has always been present
and the human being has always been joined to it as a mother to a child by the umbilical cord that allows us to remain
connected to the life force.
But may man/woman not be so pompous as to forget their role as student is as important as that of teacher and that is the only true natural order of things,
or as I like to call it,
And balance is the key.
There always has been the connection to this god-self
but may it always remembered that life is the great teacher and the path to godliness is eternal,
as we are eternal.
As dark needs light,
 teacher needs student.
As god is man
 man is god.
As death needs life
 life needs death.
As man is satan,
satan be man
Therefore I am and always shall be.
Hail thy own god!
Hail thy own truth!
Hail thy own balance!
- The Very Reverend Stephania Dore -May-2007

In the beginning it seemed so vital
to get the word out
and finally have this path accepted
as a true philosophy or religion.
Of course there would be advantages to such
but did they outweigh the disadvantages that being recognized
would entail?
For some reason despite numerouse individuals vying for attention
and recognition as leaders in Satanic communties,
attemtping to shout their words from the rooftops was not working.
They may have forgotten that they are still human and prone to the
limitations of their own egos.
But is that not the way we learn?
Of course for me as a newly ordained Satanist this cause was at the helm of my own mission
as I vowed to fight against stereotyped images of Satanic persona,
 as so many others were.
That was then and this is now.
Of course my goal remains to educate those to what Satanism can be.
To dispell the ridiculous fallacies that still thrive in the minds of those who live with fear in their hearts and ignorance in their minds.
But there are other very important factors to be considered.
I will never categorize Satanism because
I do not believe that Satanism is the same for anyone nor should it be.
But it is totally against dictated thought and hence remaining in the shadows only serves to enhance the rebellion against organized religions and afterall that has always been the ideal for which we stand for as we are ambivalent towards sheep-mentality.
Well you can't have it both ways.
And I personally do not want nor need to be part of  an 'accepted'
group of labelled Satanists with all the rights of other religions available to me.
Of course this site is infact one which will bring attention to me as a Satanic leader and that just goes with the territory,
but my intent is to offer assistance which will hopefully send one on
their way to tapping into their own godliness,
not idolize mine.
Positions or titles are not always a bad thing
and I see them as nothing at all outside of a way to share what I can with others who may want to know of this path.
What is important to remember is how you use this position.
My goal is to bring about information which may assist others in their own evolution but not to have anyone see me as anything
more than that.
If they choose to,
then so be it for that is their truth at the time.
I call myself Rev as an attestation to what I have been given by those who have come to respect me for the work I have done and the commitment I have made to this path but it is a reflection of them more than me because if I did not receive this title from one who previously assisted me in my own growth.
then I would not use it at all.
I do infact hold an even more impressive title from my early days
of a practicing Satanist which I do not use in any way period.
It is also true that people want to see a title when they read your work.
This is not something I endorse however for we are all god in our own right and therefor none is above any other accept in one manner,
the ability to recognize their own truth and actually live it.
That takes time and experience which is exactly how we progress.
Not because we are not already complete unto ourselves but because the higher-self needs to educate the lower self and it does so through the living of life.
This conclusion has become my truth.
I am god yet the human existence does not allow me to access my full
capacity as god until I am ready to be enlightened to this path
so as to utilize the capabilites and responsibilites
that come with the job.
I am happy to report that it is coming along very nicely!
Again I say that life is how one evolves towards
fully becoming this god.
For some it is a difficult journey and may take many lives to perfect.
In other words I do adhere to an afterlife.
And again I say loud and clear,
Satanism is therefor your own path to finding your own truth.
The common demoniator being that we uphold none above ourselves.
There are so many different types of Satanists today that have taken what makes sense to them from whatever belief system has spoken to them personally and used what was neccesary
for their own indiviual advancement.
 that the possibilites, the sub-divisions so to speak, are endless.
Satanism encompasses the entire realm of any who seek their own godliness no matter how they choose to get there or how long it takes for them to process the information and then use it responsibly because there is not going to be a god to forgive your ass if you fuck up.
How you get there does not matter,
the destination is always the same,
to arrive at your own personal truth.
And that continues to be my truest, most relevant mission
unto this day,
and each and every day following,
 and for me personally,
perhaps even beyond this life,
as I continue on my journey
towards comeplete illumination 
of my own personal godliness.
Ava Satanas!- S.D. 2007