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"And if thou who thinkest to seek for me
know they seeking will avail thee not
unless thou know the mystery;
that if that which thou seekest findest not within thee
thou wilt never find it without thee.
For behold, I have been with thee from the beginning;
and I am that which is attained at the end of desire."
-The Book of Shadows

The term 'Ave',
is Latin for greetings.
Seems that those of us who walk the Left Hand Path,
which is only slightly unveiled herein,
are rather fond of the old language.
it is an impressive oddity to converse in such,
and Satanists do love to impress.
I myself being one should know,
and should perhaps brush up on my Latin,
as it is hardly impressive.
And I have promised myself to do so.

But the nature of this writing is to accomplish something greater than the mastering of an old means of communication,
It is to gainfully attempt to explain
a very misunderstood philosophy, or for some a religion,
exposing it as one that is
and quite undeniable.

It is to shed the light of truth upon the misrepresentation of man's
most basic instincts.
That being the instinct to survive
as the king of the jungle,
by application of the natural
inlaiden advantage
over all lesser beasts.

The truth be bared,
the fallacies removed,
may this site not be something to convert anyone's ideas or beliefs of personal choice,
but serve to awaken the great sleeping giant
who slumbers in ignorance within the hearts
of those who choose not to understand
what truth lies apparent.

Introduced in 1969 by the late
Anton Zandor LaVey,
Satanism was born to this generation.
But since that time we have not gained the acceptance we feel due,
as LaVey's words still fall upon deaf ears.

The media has had a field day with the term "Satanist,"
implying with complete falsehood the we even acknowledge the existence of a "satan".
Truth be known we do not adhere to any higher power
by any other name, other than our own.
We deny the existence and effect of any outside diety,
be it of satan or god.

We could very well be compared to an atheist.
Who by the way is quite understood
and I may add very well accepted
in comparison to the poor Satanic neighbour.
there stands one highly prominent difference,
and one that seperates our truth from
all others.
We believe in Man as the all.
We believe in Man as  god.
In all his glorious infernal divinity.
We uphold the essence and being
of Man as the only true god.

Now this would and should be quite flattering
a statement,
were it not for the gross misinterpretations
tagged to the label of Satanism.

For one thing, we do not and I repeat,
do NOT sacrifice the neighbourhood children nor stray animals.
In fact quite the opposite.
Our respect for the existence
that we ourselves
have created and
all life's inhabitants are upheld
as a natural Universal Law.
to be experienced to the fullest level possible.

We aspire to become balanced individuals,
with the understanding of what 'balance'
truly signifies.
We love those who earn it,
we do not those who
deserve no such emotion from us.
In fact hatred is as viable to a Satanist as love.
And if one should examine
their true instinctual behaviour,
stripped of the fears of retaliation from
a god of any name,
one would have to acknowledge
 the existence of hatred.
And we do.
With the understanding
that it is purely futile in nature
to attempt to smother it
or downplay it's occurence as a normal human reaction to a given individual or situation.
No, that does not mean we go out
and break the law.
What would that accomplish in the final result?
We strive solely for
complete self fullfillment, 
and hatred does not lead us
to commit an action that would
only deprive us of a good, and free life,
as opposed to one within a cold cement cube.
It is the but the acknowledgement of our nature,
in its totality, 
that allows us to 
accept it, make purposeful judgements on
our own behalf and move on,
without guilt or the fear of consequence
for our natural emotional reactions.
Let's face it, Hate gets a bad rap
unless it falls within the socially acceptable. 
It would not be shocking to hate the child molestor or any other person who may engage in an activity which is regarded as completely unethical by the masses,
and  being Satanic certainly allows for such animosity towards others and may not in some cases.
But all this tells us is that hate is viable and under certain acceptable circumstances, perfectly warranted.
The important factor is that the Satanic persona will recognize  that hate does exist BUT does not need to be endorsed by anyone else to be applicable.
To adhere to less would an example of pure hypocrisy
 for people can acknowledge their hatred but they think that their conditions should seperate this type of hatred
from the right to hate the mailman or whomever.
Fact: hate is hate.
If we were to ask a qualified medical professional if psychosis, which is a real and valid mental condition in which the afflicted can commit an unforgivable act,  should be hated,
there will be a response quite different from those whom may have been victimized by an individual of this nature.
 Hate is understood as fact but the conditions attached to it must be acceptable for it to be allowed by the masses.
Should hate not be justified by one,
does that mean it is then not justifiable by any?
Are we not individual but meant to believe the morals of others should decide our own?
This is not terribly logical but does provide some with 
'justifiable hatred'
 and therefor renders it acceptable under certain curcumstances.
But whose circumstances are the right ones?
Surely if you do hate someone or something it is just as viable as hating a criminal to you persoanlly,
 but perhaps not as socially acceptable.
However does that lessen the emotion or alter the truth?
Because the old lady down the hall is nice enough to greet you when she sees you and you like her,
does that mean everyone will and must like her?
The obvious here being that the although the 
xian credo,
calls upon it's followers to
'love thy neighbour',
this is plainly a pipe dream.
 Man is a predator,
there is no denial in that.
While  tyrannical response 
plaques our society
Man continually denies his truth and right
to own his hatred without his guilt. 
 If the emotion is valid,
it then must be acceptable, as it is but the individual's Will
to love or hate. 
The only sin here is the denial of truth.
How a Satanist deals with emotions is not necessarily acted out but rather processed and utilized to the adept's advantage,
always keeping balance in mind.  
To repress one's natural instincts is to
always elude them,
only to wait for them to pop out in
some fashion
as they are not confronted and
 dealt with in a healthy and
accepting manner.
Causing Man to bear guilt for his emotions is unatural and simply hypocrytical.

As such,
neither denial nor guilt can erase any instinctual reaction
from the mind of man/woman.
And to think otherwise is simply
hypocrytical ignorance.
Fact being it is hypocytical to deny that we are responsible
for all our emotions,
and then all our reactions from said emotions and finally our actions.
As this is apparent in our activity as a race, 
why not call a spade a spade,  
admit to it's existance,
and then allow it to be a natural phenonmena,
instead of fall for the guilt trips and promises of forgiveness from any organized religion for said emotions?
Forgiveness for what exactly?
A natural instinct of Man's nature since the beginning of time
and Man himself?
Only when you understand the truth
can you choose how to react to it.
Only if you understand that hate is as natural
as love, can you process the emotion
without the useless stigma of guilt.
Look around you.
Look at the actions of repressed hatred.
The undeniable extreme behaviour
that any human being is capable of is before us all on any given day.
Do you need more proof?
Anger and hatred are viable.
Know that and throw away the
"Love thy Neighbour" spew,
simply because it is inapplicable.
See what Man is capable of.
Although you may profess to never harm a fly
in your entire life,
it is quite another story to believe that one is not capable of doing so.
The point is simple,
 Know Thyself.
Know that it is not a sin to acknowledge your fundamental instincts.
They are there,
like it or not.
Labeling any behaviour a sin never has and 
 never will stop it,
because it is just plain natural in occurence.
Man surely would know this if he shoved his guilt aside and took an honest look at the being within.

The fact is this raw natural instinctual behaviour of human existence
 will always be there,
 no matter what or who does, or does not justify it.

Satanists understand our origin and that as
god and satan within,
we acknowledge our divine and infernal qualities as valid and vital.
Even if one chooses to exist in blind denial,

it is the natural occurence of the most basic human fundamentals that shall  become truth.
Stripped of the aftermath of guilt,
unsuffocated or restricted,
behold the raw essenceof our true 
instinctual behaviour.
Point being, 
that we acknowledge hatred as a natural and therefor acceptable trait of the human experience period.
It is to know and understand what we are capable of and then consciously choose
our individual reactions,
without censorship nor false pretense
that we strive to uphold as law. 

Any being,
no matter how docile, has the abilty to
hate, to strike, to harm,
or to choose otherwise.
It is the very admittal of this that is cruciale to a Satanist's beliefs.
As denial of this emotion would only be denying Man's
basic fundamental instincts,
thus the instincts of a true god.