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Balance W da F?


People hear me babble on about balance and
 wonder what this crazed unbalanced wench is talking about.
Why do we need balance if we are god onto ourselves?
I will answer this as I see the situation and it should be noted that Satanists should and do come to their own conclusions on everything in their existence through individual experimentation.
Gone are the days when LaVey's word is law for those who feel the need to explore even further,
adding or subtracting aspects of  their beliefs by trial and error.
Let it be said that many are infact satisfied with a bible written in 1969 while others who are Satanist do not adhere to any individual's rules in any fashion.
And that in itself is Satanic and as I see it as most advantageous,
 simply because all knowledge leads to power and power leads to a higher state of awareness leading in turn to our depth and awareness of our individual and most of all conscious connection
to our godliness.
Thus I applaud those who refuse to live by the code of one, when the formation of ideals each individual may aspire to is most commendable should it be  a culmination of mindests edited to suit the Satanist's own personal advancement.
As I realise on the higher levels we are complete unto ourselves,
I also understand that life is what brings us into contact with the higher Self in a conscious and viable state.
Each turn of events be they negative or positive has a lesson within and the Satanist will use this to his advantage by realising we all are still growing into a conscious god as opposed to the glimpses we are afforded as we weed through our childhoods growing into adults.
Learning by experience after experience,
and it takes some a whole lotta experiences to even come close to grasping this pilosophy,
  while others will reject it completely.
But honestly boys and girls,
that which you believe to be truth is then truth.
It takes time however to come into one's own truth,
sometimes a lifetime or hey perhaps even 1046 or so lifetimes,
if you happen to believe in such matters.
As we know ourselves to be god we must not stop believing that we are man/woman as well,
and therefore emotional beings who can still be at inner conflict even though the Self does and always will have all and any information pertaing to whatever matter.
When you can connect with the Self,
no matter how you got there,
what methods you employ, condone, and use,
then you have arrived.
And certainly LaVey alone may be the complete answer for some.
It must be acknowledged that he awoke a new generation
to an ancient concept,
modernizing it for a modern world.
For some of us,
 we have full and complete understanding of our capabilities and we use them to our advantage
but that does not mean
if you abuse power that it will not eventually abuse you.
The true magickian MUST respect all natural Laws of this Universe,
no matter how great his tricks may be.
And so it comes down to.... da da da da.... Balance.
Do not overstep your boundaries before you have learned with perfection how to cross that line without losing your 'balance'.
Pyschosis is not always as fun as we hear. JK kinda.
Simply put the objective is to formulate your own ideals
from as much knowledge as you can,
 and choose which you feel makes perfect truth
  through honest exploration of the Self's actual needs and for satan's sake do not believe that this opinion
is the only correct one.
This is what works for me.
It may make good sense to some and then again it may not.
As it shoud be.
"Che cosa credete è la vostra verità divine e nessun uomo può dire al contrario o risultare". - Stephania 06/06/2006