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From Caveman to God


As it is a pinnacle of our belief system that the human being is indeed an animal albeit the most advanced of all,
how can any animal become a god you may ask.
There are many explanations from various sources depending on what you feel is your truth to answer this question and even then you may not find an appropriate response to such an intense suggestion.
So let us take a look at this with an open mind and deduct what we can from the sources seemingly adequate in theory.
First off it is very evident that we as human beings have instinctual animalistic behaviour.
Such is apparent in the way we react to being threatened,
our need to eat, sleep, and preform all other basic functions that govern the existence of any animal.
Surely there is enough scientific information on the theory of our evolution to support such claims that we are decended from the ape and most Satanists adhere to such.
There is also just as much co-relation to how we react to specific stimuli that is based on pure instinct and therefor retains the properties of such behaviour.
But the question remains of how did we go from being king of the lesser beasts to complete godliness?
Evolution speaks volumes here.
And it is merely a matter of logic that affords
some answer to this query.
As man did evolve in every way possible since his first appearance,
it is only natural to have evolved on a metaphysical, spiritual, subconscious plane,
and that is precisely the key which renders us superior 
over the lesser beasts.
Our consciouness has evolved where the animal has remained on the same level to this day.
And it is that consciousness which creates god.
This god factor, in my estimation, was available to very early man but his need for the use of it was next to none.
The need had to be established as the world evolved and so did our emotional and intellectual  existence.
Animals do not have such feelings.
They rely solely on instinct where we have progressed to the point of becoming HUMAN beings that are capable of love or hate and a whole barrage of other emotions depending upon the situation at hand.
We have risen above our humble beginnings to realise that even though the capacity to be god was always inherient within, it was not needed and therefor not validated in the very beginning of our origin.
In order for something to exist one must give validation to that matter in question.
Now, it would be foolish to think that we are not still animals as that behaviour is forever instilled in us and we do use it in our daily survival but as we have evolved physically, shedding body hair, learning to walk upright, creating language, there has been an evolution of mind and spirit as well.
Today man is so far on top of the animal chain that he does forget this progression cannot deny
what is instilled within.
We have become the super animal.
Far removed from our humble start,
we have risen to a consciousness that has gone so beyond our basic instincts that we may think of ourselves as superior to any other species.
When we look at the facts however we can understand that some of our natural reactions are still very akin to our four-legged friends and that despite all this progression,
we can never eradicate those traits completely.
So this is what dictates that we as human beings are superior in intellect and all matters of emotional or intellectual properties and as such evolution has not only given us the power to utilize such rational but to realise that we have become more than an animal.
We have become what we always were meant to be,
the king of the jungle,
the ruler,
the creator,
And in doing so we have, for better or worse, created our own realities to suit our specific needs.
When science and spirituality finally come together perhaps human beings will understand their true potential and assume responsibility for that which they have given life to.
Now how does man the human connect with man the god?
By understanding and manipulating that factor which only the most advanced of beings could possibly attain.
Utilizing  that which is the sole property of man,
 as the highest form of animal in existence,
the inner self, the higher consciouness, the spiritual being, the creator, the saviour, the judge, the jury and the author of your own life,
your personal god.
This is what seperates us from all other living creatures in existence.
Use it wisely.