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We Asked Steffie


Rev. Dore allowed her Council to have a tad o fun with her which we have done here with her complete,
absolutely complete permission.
Have fun.
Steffie likes it that way- The P.A.

R.M: "Reverend, why do you think we have not been legalized as of yet?"
Steffie: "Ok well call me Steffie if this is gonna be fun with Steffie cuz peeps may wonder who the fuck R.D. is ya know.
But c'mon can you spell Conservative?
Being legal would be cool cuz then we could use a lotta crap for tax writeoffs. And I could piss off my xian rev cousin who could not say I am not a real Rev because we all know that I am, even if the government does not care and my xian family has cast me aside as satan's child.
Come to think of it that is a distinct possibility.
R.M.- "Give me some of your fave lyrics and tell me why you chose they ones you do?
Steffie: "Dude does that question even make sense?
I kinda dig the lyrics to Flagpole Sitta.
"Put me in the hospital for nerves and then they had to commit me
You told them all I was crazy
They cut off my legs
now I'm an amputee god damn you"-Harvey Danger
Because I do think I have experienced this personally and yet I still have my legs but ya know?
Do you?
R.M. "Why do you wear gold if it is the metal of the xian god?
Steffie: "Cuz if I wore silver I would bloat up like a Casaba melon and itch all over and maybe even die and gold costs more,
and it's pretty MMMMMk?
R.M: "Okay then I think I understand.
What is your idea of a good time?"
Steffie: "Oh this is a good time.
A beer, a smoke, a good man, and no sex.
Sorry folks he is married and Steffie no mow another woman's lawn. T'is me own code of ethics ya know?
I do have one or two of those.
Although I must admit there have been times...........
R.M: "Where will Satanism be in 10 years?"
Steffie: "How the hell do I know?
Yes while we will always strive to be recognized for the truth of our beliefs and some of us will go out on a limb in a massive effort to eradicate the fallacies,
should this never occur it will not hinder the practitioner 's evolution of Self in any way.
Those who find themselves down the left hand path will keep on doing what they do while the rest of the herd will keep doing what they do.
This is a solo journey so nothing can stop it if that is what you so choose.
It cannot be taken from you because it is you.
And frankly we do not want everyone to be a Satanist now do we?
Hell no!
Opposition is necessary.
Ya take the good ya take the bad ya take the two and there ya have the facts of life.
Are there any Gummy Bears left?"
R.M.: "What are your plans for this evening Steffie?
Gonna conjure up an incubus?"
Steffie: "There is always that.
But them lil devils are so sexually demanding.
Prolly gonna listen to some tunes, relax, and write up a few hexes cuz one can never have enuff of those.
Maybe have a glass of wine.
I get drunk easily so if I do attempt to conjure anything it will most likely not be a succubus but a bus instead,
 while I am in some sexy getup waiting for Damian ya know?
Ya we all know."
R.M- "Is Stephania Dore your real name.
Steffie: "Stephania or as they say in Quebec, Stephanie,
is infact the name I was born with, although some know me by my middle name.
 Stephania Dore is the name I am known as in this arena.
Is Dore my true birth name?
I will never answer that online.
And just for the record,
 they are real and they are indeed spectacular!"


We got serious for a moment when asking our Rev what she thinks of raising children in a Satanic fashion. This is her reply.
"If I only knew then what I know now.
If others only knew what I know now,
 this world would be a hell of a lot safer for those unable to fend for themselves just yet.
And that reminds me,
the age of children being left to their own devices is startling young and that can be witnessed simply by observing people around you.
Far too many kids are out there alone or maybe even with a parent,
yet that parent is doing everything else but watching their child.
Why do children drown in backyard pools?
Bad parenting?
C'mon.... water and child = WATCH THE KID!
Luckily I always had the sense not to let my own out of my sight until that became appropriate.
I was not a practicing Satanist when I became a mother but I was instinctively a very attentive one.
It was not until later in life that I understood what I am made of and if a label be attached then yes,
that is indeed Satanist.
Because I had grown up mostly on my own I had learned to survive without much guidance or explanation
 of anything.
It was a difficult time back then which has actually served me well in my own personal advancements as
what does not kill does make stronger but there are many ways one can empower themselves without the stigma and maybe even trauma of being a latch-key kiddie.
The religion of my family was xian but no one around me lived it,
they just used it as a way of absolution.
I did give it a whirl but eh no go.
So pretty much isolated but somehow always aware that
life has purpose,
I struggled on my own through sheer instinct.
Now, all grown up and smart and
 having first hand knowledge of parenting and Satanism,
let me tell you that were it not for my beliefs,
instinctual then and now chosen,
I may have given up on life as it surely had given up on me.
What does a Satanist parent do that makes them a good parent?
Everything that encourages the child to embrace who they are,
 in total self-respect,
and to respect those who earn it.
The Satanic child knows he/she does not have to follow the crowd to be accepted because we are not in need of anyone else's acceptance.
Is this a good thing?
Well t'is far better to not need to cave in to peer pressure when it comes to sex, drugs, false love, or anything else period.
The Satanic child is instilled with confidence and respect for their own being as well as that of the earth and those whom have come to show they should be respected.
Of course sometimes one has to go with the flow because to not listen to that teacher or principal will result in a negative response and that is to be avoided at all times when possible.
In essence,
the Satanist does need to rock the boat when the result would be uncondusive to the idividual.
If you teach your child from a very young age that they are loved
unconditonally by you
and respected for the being they are uniquely unto themselves and for the love of satan,
pay attention to them each and every day you have with them,
applaud their efforts, challenge their minds, explain the consequences of poorly thought out choices,
 and be frank about those who would harm them and
how to avoid such,
that self-discipline and commitment are crucial to succeed in a very competitive and aggressive environment,
you will raise a leader not a follower.
The point is to lead one's self to the greatest of all possibilites as we evolve from child to adult.
Oh and do not forget to tell them satan is not real or is that santa?"
-Rev. Stephania Dore July 2006

"Nous tous savons qu'un dieu a un sens de l'humour.
Regardez autour!"-S.D.

On a sidenote I thought it should be added that even if you have suffered through relentless impositons on your own beliefs,
even if you have not one person to guide you or lead you to a safe place within yourself,
fear not for all that is worth doing is done soley by you.
It does not matter what has already happened unless you can apply the situation to a level of higher learning.
Not everyone will be so lucky to find themselves having been raised in the perfect environment so the burden of self-love which could be a burden if misconstrued,
falls upon each of us so as to move forward towards the all perfect Self.
As long as you breathe you will move forward.
How far is up to you and only you.
Should you decide that you are worthy of real, honest love,
regardless of receiving it from another or not,
if you have only you to count on
but you have love for this person you are,
you will rise to any occasion admirably.
We are in our higher self perfect but we all continue our conscious journey to connect with this perfect self through the school of life.
If you have fallen or fear you may,
know it is part of your experience to have done so and never allow it to stop you from pulling yourself back up to your feet.
You are a warrior.
It is instinctual to be so.
Be not ashamed of failure but learn from it's message, it's lesson.
If you should be alone,
if you should feel sad or lonely,
if you feel rejected and unloved,
please take a moment to remember it is your choice to succumb or be that warrior within.
No one can take your own worth unless you willing hand it over.
and if this should happen,
do not beat up on yourself,
love yourself enough to fail, to heal, to learn and then.....
give it another go.
We all progress, we all evolve,
 eventually in our own good time.
May your journey be one to the very heights of your own
heavenly kingdom.
Stephania Dore -2006
Hail Thyself!