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Understanding The Left Hand Path


Every human being has two
distinct personas residing within,
the demonic and the divine.
The LHP Practitioner has free access to both.
When he/she is able to harmonize them one becomes the perfect being,
hence god in their own right.
The practitioner who is able to control matter
and harmonize it with spirit is the true Adept.
For these idividuals matter is of no existence.
It is but 'Maya',
or illusion.
Therefor they will respect the physical body as a useful vessel for experience and exploration of the surrounding world and a gateway to one's own higher intelligence.
Thus the LHP practitioner seeks to find harmony within,
whilst constantly
searching for methods to employ the
creative force of the universe.
Magick is a science,
with a sound foundation of explanable thought.
The ebb and flow of the tides are one example commonly
identified with the existence of Man, and all things living.
The LHP practitioner adheres to the traditional observance of the tides during all magickal workings.
The Laws of gravity, cohesion, adhesion, polarity, refraction,
defraction, and all seasonal changes are among the natural phenonmena respected by those of
such knowledge.
This ideal dates back to the times of Aristotle and was observed even by such literary geniuses as
William Shakespeare.
As written in 'Julius Ceasar',
"There are tides in the affairs of man,
which taken at it's flow, leads on to fortune".
The universality of Magickal thought and practice forms a large section of Man's cultural and
spiritual heritage.
For many centuries Magick has been left to dwell in the dark corner's of the mind,
labeled as the rantings of superstition and
lesser intelligence.
Now we experience an increased awareness of the collective mind of the human race and the conscious attempt on the part of Mankind to unite and
identify with the powers of Nature.
Leaving it inevitable that we shall eventually return to the Magickal traditions of the ancients.
The reason Magick has survived more than
50,000 years
and is slowly overpowering religion,
is that of the two,
 Magick is the more powerful and instinctual phenomena.
Religion is but an offshoot of the Magickal persona,
as it has no roots of it's own.
Religion teaches the need to have faith in the power of a god,
Magick however dictates to have faith in the
power within.
In all matters regarding this statement,
when Man/Woman delves into the instinctual
behaviour patterns
instilled within,
he/she is in fact saying,
"I can and I will".
Confronted with these undeniable truths,
it is our mission to break down the taboos that have kept Magick a misunderstood human instinct that has been overshadowed by 
fear and ignorance 
for far too long.
In short we shall strive to resurrect our heritage,
tearing down the walls of ignorance and falsehoods,
to unveil the true quality of the human existence that elevates man to the spheres of god.
Rev. Stephania Dore 2001

"As above, so below"- The Emerald Tablet