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This Organization feels no obligation
to link to any other site.
 We stand soley based on our own
individual value system, 
making us independant of any other Organization.
Therefor we do not feel it is necessary to link back to anyone per sei.
 We stand as an individual Organization
built upon individual Satanic pride
 LHP ideals,
and the true word of the ancients!
As such,
we highly reserve the right to link only to those we feel are doing their part to educate and encourage some of the same ideals that we uphold.
With the understanding that this is
a matter of perception,
we simply attempt to draw attention to those who we feel meet these standards.
And we will never lower our standards
to accomodate the so-called attempts of those who call blindly for Satanic unity yet know nothing of unity,
nor individuality, 
in any sense.