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Where do we go now?


The journey continues.
Far removed from the agression of activism
but never complete dedication,
the years have brought me to this very precise point.
More so than ever, the search, the path, the emergence of this diety continues on a distinctly personal level,
as it naturally becomes the very reason for my existence.
There in no longer a need to yell from the rafters.
But to speak quietly with complete conviction.
It is my feelings that what has already been said here in the past years,
and what is being conveyed now,
 will be brought to the attention of those who seek it,
and that is exactly how it should be.
So now let us get on with the plan.
Let each individual come to acknowledge the means to their own progression into the kingdom
of their own godliness.
In this matter that will mean going beyond any limitations, 
 to understand that all limitations allow cause for restriction.
There will be no label for those who arrive here.
There is no name or degree or any earthly categories that apply
in this place.
Only the state of 'being'.
and the state of each individual being,
is all that matters.
How one arrives here is so personal that another's experiences
are not relevant,
 although they may be enlightening or even downright amusing.
It is here that we transcend.
It is now that we become the 'all' in every capacity and beyond.
This is the time we can raise our hands in victory.
It is complete.
And in being so,
the end is just the beginning for a
Practitioner of the Left Hand Path ~S.D. 2008.

If there is one thing to be stressed about individual advancement in this journey of discovery and application it is that there is no one truth that can infact prevail over any other.
This path is one in which the practitioner will make use of various tools, experiences, thoughts, practices, all in the effort to unify the conscious self with the higher self.
Yes it is there for the taking, but we are not conditoned to this mindset and as such must undo that which society has blatantly placed upon us, which we then  come to place upon ourselves, until the point of realisation that all comes from within not without
begins to make sense. 
There is no right or wrong method of advancement and there is no distinct point of revelation that can encompass the learnings
of each initiate.
For some this will mean delving into areas of interest that
hold absolutely none to others.
As a diety unto yourself it is your own constructed truth which shall come to be the exact and perfect truth,  completely unto your own seperate self.
How you get there is as varied and yet valid as any other beings progression of true awareness,
however this should be only unto you alone.
Use what works and discard what does not.
Learn to listen to the guidance of that which lies within your own being.
Quiet the sounds of the massess, the crowds, the spectators and listen to the only true source of your own true wisdom.
And where there is no comprehensible aswer readily available
to any of your internal questions,
seek forward, undaunted and unafraid, to pursue the path to your own personal evolution.
Take what has been given through the experiences of others who came before you, not to be your truth but to better understand what your truth consists of .
Align yourself with that which works in your life and bear no mind to labels, warnings, and misinterpretations. That is just another vain attempt employed by the masses to control the masses.
Keep an open mind and heart as you delve into that which can only be touched, manipulated, educated, evaluated by you and you alone.
There is no time limit on such progression into true godliness.
It is certain that we are already there but so much is taken away from us from the moment we take our first breath to the very last, that like babies who can instinctivley swim at birth,  then slowly lose this ability, we must rediscover the phenomena and make damn sure it is never again lost or denied to us.
No matter what you choose to be your truth,
it will manifest and it will without doubt be as relevant any any other truth known to man/woman.
What is the mission here then is to find your own rules of engagement,
and that does not mean the idolization of any one thing or mindset lest you forfeit your own conclusions.
There are many ways to arrive at the same destination and without doubt you will choose that which you think suits your needs at the time.
Not all of these choices will be in our best interest but that too will become a pertinent factor of personal advancement.
You see,
it is not that we are not already god in our own right but that through the need to be raised in a society which denounces this notion, it is stripped from our minds as early as possible in the same outdated efforts to control the individual,
which honestly never has and never will truly work.
And so like the baby who once swam in the womb, was born able to do so, then loses this inherent ability until it is rediscovered, we push forward to regain what we already are.
And that in itself can be as easy or as difficult
as we decide it should be.
In saying as much it would appear to me that each and every being has been born with their godliness intact but quickly those whom raise us in this society and by society's fucked standards,
cannot help but teach us to deny our true nature.
Keep in mind nothing is more relevant than the fact that this is my own 'personal' philosophy of existence.
The word 'personal' in all of this dialogue is completely and totally the most relevant.
We decide to go through this process for the better of our own spiritual evolution  until we have nailed it.
That is become the one, the all.
It is certainly true that humans hold the ability to come into perfect knowledge instantaneously but then why do we go through this whole process just to get back from whence we came?
The only answer that makes sense to me is that in our exposure to dictated thought we as impressionable children begin to lose the faith in our own god being.
It is the will of the masses, as it always has been to direct the child away from such thought and invoke fear of redemption in the effort to control the individual.
This indeed seems to be a natural process but that could all change as those of satanic thought prepare their own offspring to embrace the god within and rightfully become the god within.
It is my belief that we as gods choose to take this human journey, in human form, and to experience what we deem necessary for our own personal completion.
All the while the god self is guiding the lower self,
continually forcing it to acknowledge it's true nature
one way or another.
Once the emergence of 'man and god in one' becomes reality,
 there would be little use for the messages, the signs, the trivial pursuits,
the experiences of routine life to further guide us.
Some Satanist do not adhere to the afterlife.
This one does.
And as with all matters of Satanic thought,
it is the individual truth of each individual that becomes their reality.
The reason I adhere to an afterlife would be through my own experiences with such matters which have brought me to this conclusion and no one else's.
I do not believe that gods die.
Rather we tranform, transcend, evolve  into that which is perfection in itself by means of the process called life.
What of those who never see the light?
I honestly cannot answer for them nor do I even care to discredit them as it is my foundation of reason that every man's truth is infact their own reality and so shall it manifest.
Precisely then, it is only to come to your own understanding of your own existence that is real Satanism.
The realisation that you are the responsible party for your own evolution using whatever tools you deem necessary to forge ahead.
There is no right way.
There is no wrong way.
There is simply 'your' way.
And your way is simply and totally, nothing more, nothing less,
your truth.