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TALKBACK interview 9/19/05


MTL. Pagan Society
Talks with Rev. Dore

Taped interview with Rev. Dore
How far have we come as a whole?
There are several aspects that come into play before one can answer this sufficiently.
They must be addressed one by one.
Satanism has not as of yet been
recognized openly as a valid religion.
Obviously this is still the most predominate goal.
The media continues unrelentlessly in defacing the terminology and the meanings
of our beliefs by implying this lifestyle is the manifestation of pure evil in man.
There remains the notion that anything ritualistic is satanic in nature,
anything profoundly violent
somehow is connected to our lifestyle.
I scoff heartily at this notion.
It is evident that the individual who commits a crime against another does not belong
to any one group of thinkers.
Yet to this day the unsolved, the bizarre, the blatant disregard for human life
and the events that accompany such a mindset 
easily can bring about an acessement of false labeling as a Satanic crime,
when it is in fact a crime period.
The media has not bothered to get the facts correct as this would obviously not adhere to the need for sensationalism in our society.
The lack of progression in dispelling the myths remains frustrating to those of us
who have struggled to eradicate it.
In this area, the fight continues.
But when we speak of Satanism,
what becomes even more important for the practitioner is the individual and personal growth one has been able to attain and that
cannot be tampered
with or stained in any regard.
It is a journey within and at times,
the exagerations, the fairytales, the horror stories,
do bring with them a certain level of power.
To cause reaction is power and despite how falsified the overview of the matter,
 this effect will no doubt bring about some sense of power or control.
Personally I think we need to really study this situation and perhaps strive to bring about the reality of Satanism while still maintaining it's somewhat romantic if you will, connotations.
The dark side of our nature reinforced to lessen the light is not effective nor logical in the long run.
I shall always profess that balance is crucial
in order for anything to exist.
Balance in Satanism meaning light as well as dark attributes of the human psyche must be accepted as valid and necessary.
Too many individuals still attempt to partake in a dark way of perceiving or behaving,
forgetting about the polarities mandatory for anything to be balanced and therefor executed
and maintained properly.
What we must be capable of is this,
dealing with the facts as they are presented
and employing the conditions
to provide the best personal outcome.
The time has not arrived as of yet
where we, as a body of free-thinkers,
are regarded not only as viable but as
normal functioning and contributing individuals
 for the exact truth of what we uphold.
Until that time it will always be far more colorful to read of a satanic murder than a murder.
That is not to say that any other religious overtone  
would not have some degree of effect.
I mean if suddenly criminals began calling themselves followers of pagan beliefs,
or muslim beliefs or whatever else, 
the same sensationalism would invariably apply.
However it is far more captivating for some to attach themselves to the xian concept of satan than the concept of
satan and god as one within man.
That which presents itself as 'evil'
still  has it's distinct romanticism afterall.
It is indeed a fact that there are many a lost soul out there who sees Satanism as the myth
and not the reality.
That in itself keeps this myth alive and well.
They call themselves satanic,
they carry around their bibles,
not to read however,
but rather as a prop to which they can be identified
as satanist in nature.
It still happens even to this day or we
would be fully recognized and legalized
with the same rights as any religion
to practice as we have come to see fit.
So we must do what we can to best utilze this fact.
That would be to go about our personal growth and and then perhaps to become vocal about it
in a way that works for you,
the individual.
You must always put yourself above anything else and proceed in the best direction.
That brings us to another problem.
If people who are infact Satanists were to come out and say what they uphold as their belief,
because of this still prevalent ignorance,
most would lose their jobs, be scoffed at,
or labelled the goth weirdo in black.
Humans tend to think they are civilized.
They are far from it.
And why is this?
Because as we see it,
humans are instinctively animalistic.
They attack what they fear.
In not understanding Satanism they will attack it.
It is that simple.
Now this brings me to another fact and it is with the
actual Satanic community. 
As things have not come too far with the outsiders,
I do not see much alliance
with those who are insiders.
The elitist attitude amongst various Satanic groups
still exists.
Which should tell you that the political side of Satanism
still kicking.
Without question this mindset becomes 
thoroughly ineffective in bringing about change
for us as a whole.
It constructs a division where those at the helm cry for unification amongst Satanists.
Rather a contradiction than a statment of any value.
Yes, this is an individual path but it is a fact that people tend to band in groups.
Man is a so called social beast.
 According to Satanic doctrines we are to be void
of herd mentality.
That is unrealistic.
Furthermore this adds to the state of elitism which must be done away with instead of used to uplift
the pseudo-satanist to a point where there is actually a heirarchy in place where one should not exist
as we do not put any others above oursleves.
It is a fact that people will always attempt to socialize
and add to their community.
It is a fact that there is strength in numbers.
And with such a statement being true,
one must engage in some sort of herd mentality to become one voice with the same objective.
So in this sense so many so called satanists
have missed the boat.
There is a need for redefining what herd mentality is and if it is in fact a neccessary 'evil'.
Then you have those who have walked away from promotoing or supporting Satanism in the open,  as they see it as waste of time to continue the fight for Satanic freedom and recognition these days,
 since past efforts made have fallen upon deaf ears for some time now.
Far too many have lost their passion it would seem
It is my feelings that man is indeed god 
within the true self,
but that this life is a continual path towards
conscious gnosis of that illumination.
It is the individual's journey of recognizing this existence that continues throughout one's life.
We learn to unleash the god within,
so as to become the god without.
If we have already learnt how to be our inner god
fully in a conscience state,
then there would be no need to continue to evolve,
to live, to grow, to become the one , the all,
the omnipotent GOD.
Satanism is the journey down this path of self-illuimination that would not be necessary if we all could utilize our godliness automatically.
Certainly some will profess to such instantaneous ability
and indeed it is inlaiden within all but we must also see that we need time, experience, knowledge and life,
to become the god within completely.
Alas there is still one undenial occurence
working in our favour,
people have begun to question their faith in an outside diety.
More and more individuals come away from the xian doctrines in search of more
and they find something better suited
to their thinking.
The numbers are growing steadily as evidenced by
the drop in organized
religion's staunch supporters.
More and more we hear of cases of these men and women who serve the xian god as being unable to contain their animalistic
tendencies and so they act on
that with all too often unfortunate consequences.
Man is most fond of denial but the proof is right in front of you daily.
The world is facing many challenges right now.
Merely look at the situation and it is evident that
religious conflict remains furiously at the helm of 
today's unrelenting worldwide destruction.
As it always has been,
so is it now.
There is still very much work to be done.
`Rev. S. Dore