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How and Why

"It was a particularly harrowing time of confusion but then again so was every year before that.
No one would have come to expect any different,
least of all I.
Then out of the darkness came my introduction into the writings of Anton Zandor LaVey.
I learned it was indeed possible to find the light within this darkness and by embracing both polarities one could actually survive." - Stephania


Although not always the case,
upon closer study it seems apparent that those of lhp mentality have endured more than their share of hardships during
the early formative years of life.
 There probably was some sort of xian beliefs impounded into our young minds by our parents BUT we being left unsatisfied by such doctrines always felt the need to question their validity, or even go as far as to demand proof of said validity where none actually existed.
Obviously god had let some of us down
and those who dared venture into other paths
did so out of a personal quest for truth and purpose.
The budding Satanist however would still not have been inspired by any organized or mass-produced theological ideals of worship,
 be they pagan or not.
Pagan as in Wiccan.
Those who claim to use only white magick when in fact this so called safe magick is still a manipulation of circumstances and therefor the will of the white magickian is being worked,
no matter if it is for the so called greater good or not,
which of course they profess it to always be.
The greater good is subjective.
Magick is magick.
Manipulation is manipulation.
This whitewash thrown over wiccan values is simply too guilt-ridden an attitude to adopt for the LHP follower.
It is infact comparable to xian stigma of retribution for your actions.
It is hypocritical to profess their magick to be good magick while Satanic magick is evil.
Magick uses the will to manipulate circumstances to a
more favourable outcome.
And so,
the search for truth would have to continue for as long as need be.
Where others found comfort,
we found illusions, trickery, lies, and hypocrisy.
At some point the right hand mentality of controlling humans through an outside being is then completely rejected and the path to the left becomes the only one rational.
Down this path we come to understand that god is a fable that never did sit compatibly at our sides, absolving us of our wicked deeds, or guiding us towards a better life of love and abundance.
Our difficult beginnings did not mean we had failed in god's eyes but that he had failed in ours.
It is these less than perfect conditions themselves infact that seperate us from the pack.
It then becomes rather obvious that if we had survived,
if we had conquered,
we had done so of our own endurance, our own strength,
our own determination.
That which does not kill makes stronger.
How then could this god fit into the picture?
He couldn't.
The deciphering of fact from fiction brought about by each individuals quest for truth will then lead the Satanic individual
to arrive at but one conclusion. 
god's purpose is to induce fear of retribution to those who were guilty of nothing more than being,
hence man's attempt to control the masses through the threat of a higher power is revealed for what it actually is.
A threat and nothing more.
Sight unseen we are expected to live by the word of god.
But which god?
And by what name shall this god be known?
Buddha, Krishna, Jesus of Nazareth, Moses, The Earth Queen?
Where was the proof of such superior beings who could strike us down if so desired or raise us up to the heavens if we could only sacrifice our natural behaviour and remain silently non-threatening?
For us who would resist such notions the search would go on.
In time, through questioning, experimentation, trial and error,
and personal will,   
what becomes our reality is that we and we alone are responsible for how we process all information leading to thought and action.
That man is of carnal nature and to deny such is simply to deny what we are and that it is illogical and downright futile to do so.
The Satanist knows any past hardships have only added to one's own personal godliness for it is far more difficult to thrive
through concrete than rich soil.
This is not to say that we do not ever falter or fail but that should we do so it is understood that we and, not an unseen diety used to control the population through fear and denial,
 are the only ones who can choose to face each battle  
by the sheer will of our human spirit.
To be Satanic is to be the all.
It requires nothing more than the understanding that mankind has always been and will always be the initiator, the creator, the inventor and the destroyer
   of his own domain.

Stephania is an avid collector of original bodyart.
Work created and inked by Alain Allard aka 'Blackie'~Quebec City, Canada