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Jan. 2003
Interview with Rev. S. Dore for the
U .de L. Theology Curriculum ~ 2003

Rev. S. Dore

Conducted by Tomas Lachapelle.
TL : "Ms. Dore,
what is it about Satanism that makes it such a misunderstood philosophy in your opinion?"
S.D. : "Satanism is naturally misunderstood by so many because of it's ludicrous misrepresentation by the masses and 
in the media.
People all too often base their opinions on pure sensationalism not truth. 
The term 'Satanist' is merely one to discredit the only true evil depicted by the xian church and that would be anything related to what they term as evil,
hence I figure the term pisses the xian revellors off
and such is the real focus of the terminology.
Most of us do not really acknowledge any diety,
and if we do it is far removed
from the xian concept of Satan,
as he is perceived to be.
TL: "Why do you think Satanists seem more at each other's throats than in any sort of alignment?"
S.D. : "Ha,
that's really not too difficult
to understand and it cannot be overstated.
Most who claim to be of Satanic nature still find it necessary to bond with someone,
some group, some Org, something.
Satanism is not about that.
It is about individuality.
There are many who will always need to belong to something or need to be agreed with and they still profess to be Satanists.
This is herd mentality and so many times it is prevalent and goes totally unrecognized by those who berate such behaviour in others.
Man's affinity for social behaviour is not herd mentality and should not be categorized as such.
The lines are never clear as to what ends where as all is subject to interpretation but there is a difference between the two behaviours.
It is the hope of this Org,
that it's members find their own path
while able to walk peacefully amongst others.
Most of us have been ousted by some
Satanic Org.
either on the net or perhaps off,
although this seems to be truly
internet related,
since this is where ya find all the various Orgs who wish to be in the open.
Man is hypocrytical by nature.
So it never surprises me anymore that
'Pseudo-Satanists' do not comprehend this
at all.
In a way it's a 'Catch 22'.
We want to be seen and heard.
We want to have strength in numbers,
yet so many see that as a coalition
of some kind,
when the only true path to Satanism is the individual one.
It is entirely possible to be a member of an Organization and still remain individual if you find the right balance and have the understanding of seperation.
One must not need validation in order to accomplish this.
TL: " Why do you have an Organization
at all?"
S.D.: "The PLHP was formed to fight for the rights of all people to openly worship man as god  and do so in total allowance without restriction.
It is a large group of individuals who have a common goal but individual ways to get there.
We use our presence as an Organization to draw media attention to our cause,
and to offer those who seek to walk our path a means of becomming informed of who and what we truly,
 can become.
Then it is up to each individual to progress as he or she sees fit to do.
We support one another as a family of sorts, 
yet we all have and uphold our own ideals
and positions in life.
That is why this Org works.
T.L.: "Do people ask you if you believe in Satan?"
S.D.: "Oh my yes, all the time!
I don't.
Nor Santa Clause,
but I do have my eye on the Easter Bunny. ; )
T.L.: "You seem to have
a real zest for life.
Do you think Satanism  is at all responsible
 for this?"
S.D.: "Absolutely!
Satanism gives one the power
to believe in themselves,
no matter who else does or does not.
That alone is so crucial to mental well-being.
So many people never come to understand that they need only do as they feel is right for them to grow and advance
towards a better life.
Satanism has given me that realisation that
I do not owe anyone anything nor do they owe me.
It is my right, as it is the right of all, 
to have the best experience possible from this life,
and Satanism liberates one by 
establishing the foundation so necessary to walk away from the NEED to
be accepted.
Hence this way of thought completes the individual without the usual misunderstanding that one requires approval for their existence.
Satanism provides the understanding of
Self to self.
When you are free of needing
anyone's validation,
you are truly free.
Then wonderful things begin to happen,
and you can then come to share your experience with total enjoyment,
without the restrictions of need. 
T.L.: "Are you really a Reverend?"
S.D.: "Yes I am really a Reverend.
I was legally ordained by a Reverend Xaphan who headed the
 Satanic Church of Lucifer's Circle,
in Illinois.
I was involved with other Orgs in the past,
and given even more pretigious sounding titles
but I have chosen to only honor the title I was given by the Reverend who headed the SCOLC
at the time.
If I am to have a title at all,
and I don't think one is necessary,
I will only use that which was given to me out of true respect and appreciation for my contributions to Satanism.
Of course anyone can claim themselves to be a Rev,
and even get the papers to prove it,
but this is something that was
bestowed upon me
by those who feel I have earned the right
to hold a title.
Regardless of such,
my mission remains the same.
One comes to realise very quickly that titles do very little in this arena.
But should one be told they have earned it through hard work,
then I say wear it well.
T.L.: "What do you think is the futur of Satanism?"
S.D.: "I can only say this,
it certainly is not going away.
Many are comming to understand that responsiblity lies with the responsible.
God has obviously let some people down.
T.L.: "Ok tell me do you really engage in magic
rituals and ceremonies?"
S.D.: " It is safe to say that we do engage in Magick.
Now the thing is what is your perception
of Magick?
Personally it is my belief that Magick is
 no great mystery
and that we all employ it daily even if it is labelled as conscious choice.
Magick is what one wishes to attain
and then setting forth to do so.
Of course to be effective it is essential to visualise your desires at some point before making them a reality.
We all do this no matter
what you care to call it.
In that sense alone I certainly do
preform Magick
 as it is simply a basic fundamental instinct
to do so.
Now when one understands this
it can be taken many steps further to involve the workings of the elements of nature,
which are always behind the workings
of what is known as Magick.
To engage in ceremonial activity is only to realise one's desires to the fullest and purposefully seek to manifest them
into being.
I do not think one has to be into 'rits' to be successful at this.
Every object involved in ceremonial Magick is meant to add to the energy of what
the Practitioner is putting out there.
As such the ceremony or rit provides the necessary mindset and emotion to totally connect one with
their higher Self,
through which all Magick is attained.
I enjoy the theatrics of this myself,
but I do not find it to be anything but a catalyst to what I actually wish to accomplish.
And at times one may require all the advantages of having the standard ritual objects and energies of written word to invoke complete desire and visualisation.
True Magick is that which we desire and the ability to visualise and manifest this on the material plane.
How one comes to accomplish this goal is a very personal method and that would actually be the only way to work Magick.
No other man's ceremonial words of Magick can ever replace the true personal energy that brings the innermost desires of
an individual into focus.
But if they assist one to connect with the Will,
then it is all good.
Hence no set format is required to
 preform Magick.
It is merely the understanding of one's
acceptance of such, and the knowledge of how to enforce the will to attain the desired outcome that connotates Magick.
Write your own words of Magick, listen to your heart, see within your mind's eye.
Connect with the energies of nature that you are
in alignment with.
Then you will have preformed the Greatest
of Magick!
And so Mote it Be!"
T.L.: "What does this organization do anyway?"
S.D.: "Besides bettering our own existence through self awareness and expanding our horizons in any way that may adavance the intellect,
we do actually get out in the world and support groups who try to make this planet a better rock to inhabit.
As Satanists we celebrate Life not Death,
which will surely astound many!
It is a popular misconception that we are a morbid, dark, and might I go as far as to say(chuckle) EVIL lot!
When in fact that is not at all what we who are truly Satanic
uphold in any way.
Yes we do adhere to an "Eye For an Eye".
And hey so do the xians I hear!
But we are a body of people who know this is OUR backyard and we are responsible for mowing the lawn,
not this xian god.
We do whatever we choose to support this belief.
Many donate blood, or do community service,
or simply walk a dog.
Not quite the image you may have perceived in your twisted little brain huh?
I will add that one can be Satanic and do squat with their time or abilities and that is individual choice.
T.L.: "Why do you spell magic with a K?"
S.D.: "It is an old term of referral and god knows
I am as old as dirt! mmmmmK?"