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Baphomet depicts
the implicit acceptance of the Cosmic Laws.
The symbol known as 'Baphomet' was orginially employed
by The Knights Templar,
to represent satan.
Among other names given to this infamous and
most powerful symbol,
Baphomet is also known as
' The Goat of Mendes.'
This potent symbol depicts the forces
 of the
Powers of Darkness,
combined with the fertility of the goat.
As Satanism embraces the carnal side of Man,
the pentagram of Baphomet is depicted in a
reverse position,
to appear as the head of a goat,
it's horns representing duality,
the three other points are inverted
as to represent
the 'trinity' denied.
The Hebrew symbolism found
around the figure,
originates from the kabbalah,
and spells Leviathan,
'the serpent of the watery abyss',
and is aligned in definition with that which
is called 'satan'.
One of the most prominent of
Magickal symbols,
the Baphomet or Goat of Mendes is depicted with two breasts,
and two half moons defining the symbol of Hecate,
the dark aspect of the Moon Goddess.
Eliphas Levi,
who designed the most infamous rendition of Baphomet
 said that the sketch represented
the sum total of the universe's
intelligence, the four elements,
divine revelation, sex and motherhood
and sin and redemption
 It is important to realize
that the sketch does not represent
an actual demon.
It is a symbolic representation of a
hidden faith.
It encapsulates the essence of Satanism.
The accuser,
sitting in judgement of the world
imitating god.
With both a masculine and feminine facade

it is the devil and the whore of Babylon.