Though Magick occurs naturally in all of us,
some are decidely more adept in certain areas.
Herein we shall speak of those aspects.
It is also very relevant to add that we all have these innate abilities and can devolpe them at will.


Yoga means the union of matter with spirit.
It is the gradual merging of Man's physical powers into a state of the highest consciousness.
Yoga recognizes the relevance of the body as the temple
of the mind.
It connects the practitioner to the seat of the consciousness as well as implicates the bond of interrelationship
that exists between the physical and mental energies.
It provides a series of 'asanas',
or physical postures aimed at persuading
the physical body to become completely under the control of the mind and at the same time strives to develope the unlimited powers that remain latent within the conscious mind.
The asanas are practiced along with rythmical breathing known as 'pranayama'.
In the Sanskrit this term translates to,
'Breath Control'.
As the Yogi,
an adept of Yoga,
travels down the path of enlightenment certain powers and energies of forceful vibrations comes naturally.
That which would seem supernatural to an ordinary human,
is but a normal state to one who walks the path of
self-realization, truth and undeniable reality.

In order to develope the mind's power it is first cruicale to control the mind.
The mind is extremely rebellious and fights the attemps of the practitioner to quiet it's raging thoughts.
This is where self-discipline plays the most
important part.
Through practices that are condusive to quieting the mind this necessary technique can be mastered.
There are various meditative methods used to assist in the taming of the mind.
One may choose an object upon which to focus,
candles are effective,
and through repeated efforts use the image to block out any other outside interference.
Concentration must be acheived before moving on to still any other more powerful techniques.

With the mind under complete control, the magickian is now ready to direct his energies in the direction of what he wishes to manifest on the material plane.
Patience is required as one must not become discouraged if desires are not immediately manifested.
Visualization requires not only mental control but extreme determination.
The desired goal must fall within the realm of probability,
as the desire must be something that is excessible with the magicians sphere of availability.
Outrageous requests are truly not applicable if the magickian is understanding of his individual range of available options.
It is to be remembered that the mind is plastic,
and it receives feelings as well as mental images.
Emotions of anxiety, doubt or uncertainty on the part of the practitioner will certainly halt any manifestation from occuring.
The magickian must be totally confident in his abilities,
and what is available to his disposal.
Visualiztion is one of the first and most important techniques mastered by the magickian.

There are numerous methods of meditation,
though they all aim at one aspect,
that being to attempt union with one's higher self.
The magickian uses the techniques of meditation to reach the deep unconsciousness.
While in contact with the inner self,
the magickian is then able to project the image of his desires.
The unconscious mind then receives the message,
and energizes it so as it may return to manifest into a reality on the physical plane.
As mentioned the techniques of meditation are varied.
Yogis employ a different variation as the Kabbalists.
The Yogi may not agree with the use of meditation to influence the deep unconsciousness,
but the magickian recognizes the unconsciousness to be his personal inner god.
Thus it is a well respected and highly employed method of magick in which the practitioner succesfully makes contact with the higher self, or god.

Sex Magick-Tantric Yoga
This technique is ues by Yogis, Alchemists and Kabbalists.
Although it must be stated that Yogis use this techiniques only to connect to the divine and not
as a magickal practice.
The Kabbalist instructs that at the time of sexual union,
the Female Principle of the divine hovers over the place of union between Man and Woman.
This divinity being known as 'Matrona'.
Another aspect of the higher self or god if you will.
On the other hand the Alchemists viewed sexual union as
a form of spiritual chemistry.
The male being referred to as the 'red lion',
the female as the 'white eagle'.
The elixir of the red lion symbolic in the male orgasm.
When errupted into the Female Principle or woman,
this is thought to have be seen as the original creator,
known as the first matter. 
The magickian uses 'Sex Magick' craftily
as a way to achieve his goals.
Both partners should be familar with this technique and at least one should be an initiated magickian.
It is a most required element that the male and female have emotional feelings for eachother.

Mental Projection
This method is employed to influence others at a distance.
The best time to use this technique is when the receiver is asleep, leaving his or her unconscious mind unable to interfere with the will of the magickian.
Thus the practitioner enters the the unconscious of whom
is to be influenced.
Mental Projection is used by concentrating on an individual for some time until their image is extremely vivid.
One can then induce a forced idea as a projectile that enters the receiver's thoughts.
This is not a simple method however.
It requires extreme concentration skills and strong visualization abilities to preform.
It goes without saying that Mental project can be completely effective if it can be sufficiently controlled.

The many techniques of Magnetism are used to influence others in various ways.
The magickian who knows his abilites is aware of what power he can yeild against any individual by staring at the space located between the eyes of the person whom he wishes to influence.
The magickian uses Magnetism not simply to control others,
but more importantly to assert himself over natuer at large.
This technique is a quality that can be developed through the magickian's personal self-control.
It is then projected outward acting as a natural agent for the practitioner.
Because Magnetism worls essentially through the laws of attraction and repulsion,
it is in reality an instinctive energy.
This is well known to the magickian as he seeks to control energy through mind power.

As in clairvoyance this is not necessarily an act of magick,
but it does differs from clairvoyance as it can be developed at will.
The magickian can perfect this power within himself and therefor it does qualify as a magickal technique.
The best method to develope this act is to sit alone where you are not likely to be disturbed.
Relax both mind and body.
When the mind has become completely relaxed images will begin to be received in to the conscious levels
of the personality.
These are telepathic impressions recieved by the conscious mind.
The key to remember about the advancement of this technique is that it must never be forced but allowed to flow freely as if a form of communication
between two people.